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By MoonAnts

I have a 4 queen Myrmica rubra colony and think their behavior is a little „weird“.
Because they don’t have eggs or pupae (the last ants eclosed mid September i guess?) but tons of larvae. The concerning point is: the larvae don’t seem to grow anymore but the ants are still taking protein (a lot) and there’s always 20-30 workers roaming around in the arena. No matter what or how much food I give them they take it all (flies, crickets, protein powder, sugar, everything!). What should I do?
I keep them at high humidity and 20-23°C.

~ MoonAnts
By Najas
Could be they are preparing for hibernation.

I have a Myrmica queen with larvae and she is still very active and lavae growing but my room temperature never is less than 22 so that might be the difference.

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