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Near my place (not just my garden but along the road) I have definitely seen:
- Formica fusca (even seen flying queens)
- Lasius niger (they're everywhere, when they fly you can see 3-4 queens per m² on the ground for several days)
- Some sort of red-black Lasius, probably Lasius emerginatus
- Some sort of yellow Lasius, either Lasius flavus or Lasius umbratus or both (they live mostly underground so you rarely see them)
- Solenopsis fugax (they're basically invisible because they live exclusively underground, but when they fly they do in even more ridiculous numbers than Lasius niger)
- Some sort of red-black Temnothorax species (nesting in small logs)

In the wood (5 drive minutes away) there also are:
- Formica rufa (tons of them but they're protected by law)
- Camponotus ligniperda (very hard to find their hidden nests but I know one)
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