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I was thinking about wraping the test tubes in bubble wrap and putting them in envelopes because that would reduce the cost of shipping from 17euro for a box to 5 or less for the envelope. (box is always 17 but envelopes are priced depending on the country) i guess i will have to look for something else than slovak post. Because if wanted to sell queens individually buyer would have to pay 17euro just for shipping a queen that he bought for 7 euros and that isnt really practical or price effective.
Envelopes have two major disadvantages:
- Envelopes do not have tracking. For many people this is a huge no-go, especially with expensive ant species. If the envelope gets lost you're in trouble.
- Envelopes are not treated carefully by the mail. I've worked for a mail service for two years and I tell you envelopes are being thrown into sorting shelves, boxes and mailbags - and the mailbags in which those envelopes are get thrown around as well.

There's a "special" british ants seller who likes to send ants in envelopes - a buddy of me got his Harpegnathos delivered in an envelope, needless to say they weren't in great condition (also the gamergate died which meant the colony was doomed to die as it couldn't produce new brood). I would never buy from anyone who thinks sending ants in envelope is a good idea. It's not. It's the most awful thing you can do.

p.s. Your best option is to sell ants to people within your or in neighboring countries. There's many established ant shops in central and southern Europe which often have special deals with a mail company. I doubt you can compete with those.
I agree with what has been said above. Envelopes are absolutely useless! I myself as an ant dealer strongly recommend against envelopes and would recommend boxes, I always use boxes even if that means me paying more, and i Would rather the ants get there alive than dead. Boxes are treated better you also get proof of delivery and you can put better packaging in!

I use Royal Mail first signed for, as well and special delivery if necessary.

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