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By Cale_mund
Recently got a small colony of solenopsis and they are in a test tube. Currently about a 1/4 on a heat mat but having problems with condensation in the tube. How can I stop the condensation?

I have a praying mantice in a small viv which is set to around 20 degrees. Could I put the test tube in there or is that a stupid idea?
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By Mesothelae
What are you using to block the entrance?
Condensation usually occurs due to poor ventilation/overheating, so either get a thermostat (if the heat mat is too hot/unregulated).
If you are using a plastic cover for the test tube, replace it with something like cotton wool. Otherwise, the amount of oxygen in the test tube will decrease, which may lead to the ant's deaths.

I'm not exactly sure about the specific temperatures for this species! I'm not sure it is a good idea to move the colony into the same cage as the mantis, as the mantis or ants may fight which may cause a decrease in workers. I wouldn't choose a vivarium as well as they'll escape from the air holes if the colony does survive and grow.

However, this is just my opinion, do what you think is best! I'd wait to see if any selonopsis keepers respond, as they will be more knowledgeable than I! :-)
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By Mesothelae
something I forgot. Fire ants live in Texa's and the USA, so hotter than 20 degrees if you want faster growth. Also condensation = mould growth, so keep an eye on the test tube.

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