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By Xc220009
The worst has come and my very stubborn lasius niger queen and 2 nanitics are refusing to move after 1 month of trying!
The tube has dried out and mould is growing and all im left to do is to tip them on to a cotton ball so they go into another tube.
Please tell me if this is a REALLY bad idea?

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By Xc220009
andavane wrote:the answer lies in rigging up good hydration.
How long have you had these?

I have had them since nuptial flight last summer.
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By andyj027027
I had the same situation with my Camponotus cruentatus after their winters break. I tried leaving the test tube in bright light, tapping, getting it cold but they wern't going to move so i just tipped them into their new home. Dreadful i know but a week later i have new eggs and all is well. What did you end up doing ?
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