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I recently bought a C. Nicobarensis colony which arrived with 1 queen, 14 workers, about 30+ larvae and some eggs. When they arrived they were quite docile and started to liven up soon after heating up a bit. I then placed them in there outworld with sand as a substrate and a formicarium attached. I placed a light above the test tube almost all day and they did not move at all. They queen did not seem that bothered at all by the light nor did the workers. Over night I had about 3 workers die and still no change in the queens response to light.

I was wondering if anyone has any advise on what I could do to help move them over to the formicarium.

Ps i gave them some honey water and a small pre killed cricket. They ate both readily.

Kind regards
Hi Connor!

I wouldn’t recommend heat lamps only because the ants aren’t naturally accustomed to how powerful they can be. If you live in a warmer climate, then simply place them by the window in the sunlight (this will be plenty heat) make sure to give them enough shade as well.

If this isn’t possible and you have to use the heat lamp, place it far enough away from them so the light on the test tube is blurry. Don’t leave it on overnight though because this is a fire hazard and could easily burn the poor things!!

How long did you keep the ants in the test tube for after you got them? They would need to recover from the stress of shipment / continuous movement, which is probably the reason a few have passed away. I recommend to leave them for a couple days without checking on them (only if you know that they are in a secure place far away from any knocks / damage) just to allow them to really settle in. Maybe leave a roach or likewise in there (dead of coarse) for them to eat :-)

Kind regards
(AntLove4Ever <3)
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