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Over the winter, my Lasius niger colony have been dormant / in hibernation. They began waking up about a month ago (pretty early for UK Ants because it’s still quite cold) and the queen seems to be fine. She’s been In a large formicarium for about a year, but I adopted her from my friend who didn’t look after the colony properly and put them back into a test tube. They’ve been in it for around 4 weeks now, and she still hasn’t layed a single egg. She gets a small mealworm once a week (there’s only one or two workers so it is more than enough). My friend didn’t give her the right nutrition needed to grow a colony, so I’m wondering if that has effected her? I try not to stress her out by keeping her in the dark and only checking once a week when she needs food. She’s far past the founding process, so maybe she was starved for too long (or perhaps me moving them into the test tube?) I’m really hoping to save them because my old lasius niger queen of 8 years died about a year ago and I really liked the size and simplicity of raising them. :-)

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I keep Lasius Niger as well, I received my queen about November last year with 15 workers but they all died after hibernation, probably of just age as nanitics are only supposed to help found the colony then they die off... But my queen took about a month after hibernation to start laying again.. I was scared as well but the best thing you can do is wait.. Patience and minimal disturbance oh and maybe some heat like from a heat cable.. Not too much heat but some... I use this and it seems to speed up the egg to pupae process...

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