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By Cale_mund
After my last myrmica rubra colony slowly die off some some unknown reason I decided to get another colony and give them another go. I got 4 Queens and around 60 workers, looks more like 40 though!
So I've been heating them a little bit to try and grow the colony faster but they still seem really inactive only ever see 1 or 2 out at any time and all the rest are just doing nothing in the nest.
Are they just not done with hibernating yet? There's lots of larva but I don't see any eggs yet
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By Antlove4ever
Since there isn’t any eggs, there is the possibility that they Havn’t come out of hibernation yet. You could also have stressed them out with the fast rise in temperature when you put the lamp onto them.

I suggest to leave them for a week or so and check back then

Kind regards
(AntLove4Ever <3)
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By scarletAsh
From my experience with Myrmica rubra they typically have quite low activity within the nest and only a small amount venture out of the nest. As the colony matures to several hundred then I'd expect them to show more activity. They're just not afraid to conserve energy
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