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By Sidas90
Hey there, ant keepers!

I've have a basic knowledge about ant keeping, read some guides and watched a lot of Youtube videos, but still..

1. [Bought] My Camponotus Herculeanus queen has one worker (other one died in transfer), one large and one very small larvae. She hasn't laid any eggs since I got her. I don't know why, but I got that distinct feeling that she's gonna die - I know for fact that she can only lay one batch of eggs to get first nanitics, they have to then take care of her so that she could lay another (and another, and another...) batch of eggs. But that one worker does nothing to help her, and there are only two other larvaes. I don't think that's enough. Any insects I give gets rotten. They do consume sugar water drops, and they can't seem to resist to drop of pure liquid honey. But still, queen doesn't take any protein sources.. But apart from what I mentioned before, she is a very active queen - only at night she stays with her larvaes.

2. [Caught] I have caught like 8 Lasius Niger queens (were massive amounts of them in my garden). All of them has brood, one of them has like 3 piles - around 50-60 eggs. That's insane compared to other queens that have like 5-15 eggs each. They were all caught in the beginning of June, so I assume I should see first nanitics before the hibernation (most of eggs became larvaes).
But that's not the point. The point is that I have caught one more queen like 2 weeks ago. It looked like a regular ant, but when I saw eggs I knew instantly, that she IS a queen. However, My Lasius got some eggs to larvae by now, and this unknown queen has already got cocoons with her almost ready to hatch - IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. She looks like ordinary forest red ant like this oneImage
Color is the same, size is the same, she don't have hair on legs or stomach, The only difference is the thorax - size is a bit larger than regular ant's, only black.
Here's a picture of her, maybe You will know what type she is, is it worth to keep her? She is very active and most of the time very angry - when exposed to light she tries to bite cotton and then grabs her larvaes and runs to the other side of the tube, where's water.

Thank You in advance :) Hope You can help me a bit :)
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