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By DerServy
Hey there,
I am planning to start my own ant colony soon, but I have a few questions.
I was planning to get lasius niger(they hypernate) or camponotus nicobarensis because they dont hybernate and are easy to keep.

First of all, I am not sure which type of nest to get. I would like to get this one:https://www.antstore.net/shop/de/Ameisen-Starter-Sets-Ameisenfarmen-antfarm/Starter-Sets---S/Ameisen-Starter-Set-S---30x20---Combi-5158.html because it has sand as nest area. And since I am not sure what size I should get, especially for a new colony with just 20 workers. I think that sand is good, because they can dig in it an get as much space as they require. Because I've heard that too much space is bad.

I would actually love to get this one:https://www.antscanada.com/shop/new-all-you-need-lasius-hybrid-2-0-gear-pack/ But I think it is too big. :C
Or this:https://www.antkeepingdepot.com/collections/kits/products/antkit-beginner-kit-2 (Isnt that too small after a few weeks/month?
Could you recommend any starter kits? And should I use sand/soil for the nest area?

Secondly, do I have to wet sand as nest area (like the first kit(Antstore.net))? Because on the website they say: "Can be used dry or little wet."

Thanks for the replies in advance. :)
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By Sam Barton
Hey there man awesome that your getting into ant keeping, Now if you were to go with the nicobarensis id say go for the antkeepingdepot starter kit the antscanada nest is far too big not to mention shipping is upward of 40 pounds! but if your going for lasius then i would keep them in a test tube for a little while then move them into a starter kit, For you i would go for nicobarensis there larger dont need hibernation and are fun to watch my old colony were super funny and always showed me something new lasius tend to be a bit more boring due to long hibernation and small size they dont show as much character as a larger ant would but if your looking for a starter kit check out ANTKIT or some other british brands Antscanada is good but too exspensive and too big for such a small colony as a big nest moulds super bad but enjoy!
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By Serafine
If you are in Europe and need nests get those:
https://www.simants.de/en/nester-formic ... nts-Pro-M/

They are of similar design to the AC hybrids but better in any aspect (they actually have screws to keep the lid in place and proper ports), also low shipping costs (none if your order is above 100€) and suitable for almost every species. And you can plug multiple of them together with small pieces of tubing which also allows you to chain up the heating cable holder modules so that a standard 15Watt heating cable can warm up to four nests.

Here's some pics of my Camponotus barbaricus living in those nests (I painted the bottom of the nests with a thin layer of sand-clay mix):




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