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By jonthefish
Just ordered a C. largiceps, a queen with about 5 workers. The name gives me the impression it will be as big as a Jack russel! or looking a bit like Popeye. "A-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah!"
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By jonthefish
Introducing the newest arrival to my collection, not much to report at the moment.

A good size queen with 6 workers and a couple of small larvae.
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By jonthefish
Never noticed till to today whilst taking photos of the Queen and her different size workers that the Queens middle leg on her left hand side is missing. If you check the second photo from the top you can make out a stub of a leg. She still posed sexy enough to become the new photo on AntKit.
By Sirnight
Lol :-D Sexy indeed ;)
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