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By jonthefish

Look at this little beauty, got it free from a good friend. Only payment required in return is that I do a journal on her.

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By Leafcutter
Looks great Jon :).

I'll take a guess. Looks to me like a variation of Camponotus nicobarensis?
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By Leafcutter
jonthefish wrote:It does look a bit like that fella, its actually Camponotus habereri.

Oooh, fantastic Jon :D. She is indeed a beauty.
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By jonthefish
ImageStill going strong, thought I would ask the Queen would she allow me to take a photo of her and her different sizes of workers. She was a bit shy at first.

ImageHere she is posing for a photo for the AntKit site. Check out the 3 different size workers and how the Major worker is pretty much the same size as the Queen.
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By Leafcutter
jonthefish wrote:Yes, like a few other species of Camponotus, they look wicked when their abdomens are well expanded.

The colony has really come along nicely since last year :).
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By scarletAsh
I must say I adore my Camponotus habereri colony which are doing swimmingly after a year and have a major noticeably larger than the queen now as well. When looking for the queen I need to have a good look to check it is her now. Would always recommend this species. They have surprisingly good growth for an ant so large.
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