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By Arctic Jack
I plan on keeping some Lasius Niger and I’m about to buy an acrylic ant nest from antkit.uk but I’m wondering which port size to get. I’ve bought a separate ant arena from another supplier and I’m hoping to connect the two.

The ant arena I’ve bought accepts anywhere between a 10mm and 16mm OD hose.
I have a choice on port size from Antkit. I can have a medium port with a 9mm OD or a large port with a 13OD port.

That means the medium port will take a 9 mm ID and 12mm OD tubing which will fit nicely into the Arena.

The large port on the other hand will take 13mm ID and 17mm OD tubing. This is 1mm too big for the entrance to the arena. I’m guessing I could get a downsizer attachment to connect a slighter smaller tube to arena.

My question is… Since it doesn’t look like you can buy ports on their own as accessories, should I get the larger port and mess on with adaptors and different size tubing? Or just get the medium size port with a direct connection? Is there any advantage to getting the larger port?
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By Serafine
If you have the flexible ports antstore sells (the things were you can screw off the cap) they can take tubing of an outside diameter of up to 18mm tubing (the description says 10-16mm but 18mm works fine for mine).

Here's my port, it has 14/18mm tubing - you just need to put the end of the tubing into some hot water so it gets flexible and wobbly, then you can push it into the port without too much hassle.
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