Discussion on artificial ants nests including Test Tubes, Soil Nests, Foraging Areas and Ytong Nests
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By Zoron
Hey so I recently printed a cool ant related item!
This is used to connect multiple tubes and allow more room for expansion! It is printed from ABS plastic however there is still some support material clogging two ends of the connector.

Single connector

Two connectors

Connected to one tube

The inside has a small cylindrical room to provide either a satellite base or more turning room if a colony is moving from one area to another. Lasius flavus queen = huge. Workers = Tiniest thing on planet com-paired to anything else. So I mainly did the larger center room for her :-D
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By Occultus
Looks fantastic and very useful.

May I ask what 3D printer your using? I'm dying to purchase one but its difficult to choose the right model. They seem a little small..
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By Zoron
These are 2" by 2" by 5/8" inches interior is 1" Dia by 3/8" (huge turn around spot) and the holes. Here's the schematics :D
I can grab the type of printer tomorrow. It can print up to 10" by 10" by 12".
Ant connector blueprint.jpg
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By Zoron

This is a video of the printer (not mine)
It is a Dimension sst 1200es
Only prints in two materials at a time, they must be ABS and a dissolvable support material
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By ManicaLuca
I thought it was produced by a Stratasys, they are excellent prototyping machines i'm envious of you having access to one :)

Excellent modelling and the fillets give it a classy finish.

Good work! :D
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By Zoron
Remember if you can think it you can print it!
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By Benjiwuf
i have more success with pla, and i don't think supports are absolutely necessary for a smaller print like what you did for the tubing. it might be though, as every printer is a bit different. the best advice i can suggest to anyone wanting to buy a printer....spend at least 700 of whatever currency you deal with. the cheap 400 printers are sorely lacking in my opinion. however, with everything in the world, you get what you pay for so keep that in mind.
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By Zoron
The tubing has a little ring that stops it from protruding to the center chamber, isn't a support. Most small prints only need a good base (to lay flat on) Also to note with cheaper printers they may be more fragile and less durable.
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By Benjiwuf
I started with the 1.0. I suggest against it unless you get the ones that don't require cartridges from xyz. I also hope the print quality has improved as mine was terrible, and it always had problems on the first layer. I hardly mess with my flashforge at all although I have heard of some problems from others.
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By ManicaLuca
For a beginner i'd suggest something nice and open.

The Wanhao Duplicator i3 (V2.1) is a fantastic starter machine as it's easy to work on and upgrade or tweak etc and it's dirt cheap. (£300)

If you want reliability i'd go for the Original Prusa i3 Mk2 with it's PEI bed, auto levelling and good solid build quality. (£600)

For those who want a plug and play solution, the CEL Robox (£900) is great.

At AntKit we are moving over to a EOS FORMIGA P 110 because FDM/FFF printing is too low yield for us.
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