Discussion on artificial ants nests including Test Tubes, Soil Nests, Foraging Areas and Ytong Nests
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By Dan
I got mine in a hardware yard, where they sold tiles, bricks, tools, etc. Places like B&Q might have them.
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By Dan
Oh yeah, and they have lots of names, ytong is just aerated, so any of those aerated things are what you're looking for. I wouldn't buy them online though, obviously.
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By ManicaLuca
rehyn wrote:Hey, quick question, where do you guys get your ytong blocks from in the UK? I'm coming up a bit confused as a lot of the results I'm finding in my searches arent refered to as Y-Tong anywhere, so I just want to make sure I get the right stuff.

I.E this: http://www.wickes.co.uk/Products/Buildi ... /c/1001109
and this: https://www.mkmbs.co.uk/prodb025652-440 ... block-36n/


Most big chains don't sell Ytong and only sell dark grey AAC instead. Give Jewson a try as they sometimes have it.

AntKit is close to you and have several tons of blocks in stock. Drop an email to [email protected]. £1.25 per block.
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