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As my latest build is coming to an end with that being the leaf cutter cabinet formicarium I'm now setting my sights to add one more colony to my collection to nurture. I want to build a starter formicarium for either Pseudoneoponera rufipes or Ectomomyrmex astutus. If anyone has any experience in either one of these species any insight and advice would be greatly valued. What I currently plan on using for a starter formicarium to raise a queen + workers is this fish tank I have spare:
My thoughts are to put a ytong / aerated block section at the bottom containing chambers and then molding an out world over the top of that, alternatively as well just make the entire nest out of plaster of paris as it is to only be until they're large enough to move into an exo terra tank so I'm hoping to move them out just a little over a years time from starting. These species can't climb glass plus look amazing which is why I would like to keep them.

That's where I'm starting from with ideas. Any and all input or experience is more than welcomed. Thank you.
I'm keeping a colony of about 30 workers at the moment of pseudoneoponera rufipes. They are quite weird in the day time as they stumble around and fall over a lot. But at night is a different story, they run round killing anything in sight to take back too there nest. Quite a characteristic ant that not many people keep. Great ant to start keeping ponerine ants. Be aware that they fire out a white sticky substance out of there garter for defensive purposes so when unpacking them be very very careful as it's irritant. Also it's important to give them a bit of sugar as unlike other ponerine ants they benefit from sugar.
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