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By nortorn
Hi guys,

if you are using a thermostat to control the temperature of your setups, which one is it?
I am currently using my selfmade fully automated formicarium controller, but it is still in development and therefore it has a few minor bugs and there
are many cables lying around for the time being.
As i am on vacation for 2 weeks in March, this is not an option, simply for security reasons.

I need a simple off the shelf thermostat, preferably cheap.
Im no cheapskate, but 40€ is a bit expensive for what it is.
I am not searching for an adjustable heating cable or heatmat as the temperature is still dependent on the ambient temperature.
I am looking for a thermostat that measures the current temperature with a probe and switches a 230V Heatmat or cable on and off depending on the temperature.

I had a simple generic one for a few years, but i can't find it anywhere.

Thanks for your help ;)

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