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By Adam.ant
Where to buy Ytong or plaster in the UK? I was going to use Eden formicaria but she is on maternity leave.

Any ideas?
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By beantalk
building material shop
grr not good with english
the shop that sell cement should sell plaster
By Adam.ant
Thanks guys, and incase I can not be bothered to do it myself, where else can I buy ready made Ytong nests?
By Adam.ant
Bhu Yonten wrote:Antstore sells some.I also sell ready made nests( 10 x 10 width and 5 cm thickness for 6 pounds + shipping) non carved blocks with glass ( 10 x 10 width and 5 cm thickness for 3 pounds + shipping)

Do you have any photos of the ready made ones?
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By Richard_16v
I got my blocks from Wickes - they aren't called YTong in this country i don't believe - they are known as AAC Blocks (from memory) and are basically the same - aerated concrete. I think I got 2 blocks for less than £5.

Add a sheet of acrylic for the window, a tube of aquarium safe silicone and length of tubing and you are all set. The blocks you get are large and have been big enough for me to make about 5 nests so far, just draw on a design, gouge out with a screwdriver or a dremel and then drill a hole for the tube, then silicone on the glass.
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By Leafcutter
I'm starting production of Ytong nests in a few weeks, there is a real lack of them on the market so I've taken this up to start mass producing them myself.
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By Leafcutter
Yes, I have a few sizes in the making but this size will be perfect for a founding Camponotus colony, for example.
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By Squimbles
This triggers my trio phobia haha.
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