Discussion on artificial ants nests including Test Tubes, Soil Nests, Foraging Areas and Ytong Nests
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By Hogy-Bear
Adam.ant wrote:Has anyone kept pheidole pallidula in these nests? The are the ones that are a Ytong block with area on top?

I don't know where I saw this, but I've seen that pheidole pallidula may eat the ytong.
By Adam.ant
I already have the nest so that's not a problem, as for them eating it if you expand when necessary they are okay, it was more a case of is there any little gaps small enough for them to creep out of?
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By veektoor
I haven't tried ankits ytong nests but I probably wouldn't put my pheidole pallidula colony inside any ytong. I would be worried about them escaping through tiny gaps or chewing their way out.

You maybe ok with a small colony but I wouldnt risk it with a few hundred workers.
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By Adam.ant
Leafcutter wrote:Popularity I think, people have been wanting Ytong nests for a long time since the production stopped. I myself have been after one for ages...

Do you by any chance know if this will be when they re open or will there be a further wait?

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