Discussion on artificial ants nests including Test Tubes, Soil Nests, Foraging Areas and Ytong Nests
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By RobJ
Don't tease me like this @ManicaLuca " homekit compatible" OMG I would like that so much - you have to make it.
I assume it would show the current temp and have heat controls up and down ? like my thermostat here on my ipad.


ManicaLuca wrote:The problems I have are:

1) Time (lack of)
2) Microcontroller technology moves faster than the design.

I'm taking it back to basics now and have ditched the arduino compatible controller with seperate bluethooth and ESP8266 and moving to just the ESP32 with the plan to make it homekit compatible :D

But that brings me back to issue 1!

We'll have to get something up on github :)
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By nortorn
Well, the procedures i was aiming at in my little homemade project were:

- Automatic Temperature control of a Nest and/or Outworld using 230V Relais with heating cables/mats connected to it and 12V Relais with fans to cool the nest down if temperature still rises after switching the heating off.

-Automatic refilling of water tanks in a nest if the humidity and/or water level drops below a certain point and refilling of the water feeders of they are empty.

-Lighting of the Outworld

-Automatic feeding of non live food and sugar water from a dispenser if i am on vacation

- Day and night cycle for the temperature, lighting and humidity, all gradually dropping or rising

And of course a webcam and automatic email alert if any parameters go extremely out of bounds, so i can manually switch certain parts of the controller or the whole controler off manually to prevent any damage to the colony.

- An Application for Windows and Android to set everything up to the desired parameters and watch the colony through the webcam and change the parameters or feed the colony from anywhere in the world.

Everything using one or more arduinos and temperature/humidity/light sensors and servo motors + pumps and both 230V and 12V relais.

Unfortunately I've got the same problem as @manicaluca. I have all the necessary parts and modules, and at least the temperature control is fully working already (including 230V Relais with the heating mats and 12V Relais for the fans)..
The other functions are not working yet as i dont have the time to further develop the code for at least the next 2 months.
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