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By RobJ
Hello there guys this is my Journal for my semi large colony of meadow ants

I got them yesterday and am really happy with them as there's 50+ brood and 100+ eggs

Here's some photos taken today now they've settled in also the full story video below


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By RobJ
formica123 wrote:Where did you get this from Robj? I've seen a colony this size advertised on a FB group and might buy it...

Private seller that's selling his colony's to make room for new species.

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By RobJ
jeoff82 wrote:Lovely colour, similar to mine. Hows the fusca colony?

Yes I love the golden look to them, oh they are well and all the pupa has catched and there is a few larvae dotted around the nest.
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By RobJ
These girls are now in hibernation and will return in march

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