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By Dan
Okay, so I've found it a lot easier to just add a caption to each photo along with the date, although you can't see these in Tapatalk, so if you want to read what's going on, you gotta open the website.
4-30 A.jpg

4-30 B.jpg
30/4 - size comparison

1/5 - eggs

5-2 A.jpg
2/5 - brood pile on left, food pile on right

5-2 B.jpg
2/5 - larva

5-7 A.jpg
7/5 - ant bread and large worker

5-7 B.jpg
7/5 - gave them a bit of grape, you can see them absolutely swarm over it

5-7 C.jpg
7/5 - the setup, small heat mat under the red cloth (which is Barbaraj's nest), layer of corrugated cardboard under both nests

5-7 D.jpg
7/5 - the cloths lifted up to see the nests (Barbaraj's is the red one)

5-7 E.jpg
7/5 - the heat mat is just sitting out a bit with the thermometer sitting on it, gives me a more accurate temperature

5-22 A.jpg
22/5 - the thermometer things arrived, but will have to think of a better way to get them close to the nest

5-22 B.jpg
22/5 - beautiful worker beside Barbaraj

5-22 C.jpg
22/5 - ant bread

The worries are:
- a lot of the workers are very light-coloured, while some of them are dark black, however none of them are younger than a month at least
- they don't seem to use the foraging area anymore, although they do still have more than enough seeds in the nest and the tube, the worry is that they're therefore not taking any protein
- I don't see any pupae, and little other brood
- I don't even see them drink water anymore...
- the population is currently at 12 :-(

As you can see from the gap in photos from 7/5 to 22/5, I've been trying to disturb them as little as possible, and am considering moving the entire ant set-up to the top of a rarely used shoe cupboard (I just wear the same 2 pairs of shoes ATM...) where there will be no vibrations from opening of drawers (they're currently on my chest of drawers). The only other thing I can think of doing is moving them into another smaller set-up. I have a pre-prepared S outworld (14x8x6) and I also have a size 01 acrylic nest. Or would that size be too small and they'd be better in a test tube?
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By Dan
I had a peek there and saw one round (like, a ball) larva and two or three either elongated eggs or small larvae. No more peeks until the 7th of June!

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