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By JavianSB
Hi again, there's really no need for another introduction or backstory lol, all that is in my Camponotus Journals.
I'm dedicating this journal to a gift I received when I purchased my C. Barbaricus, apparently, the keeper had way more Lasius Niger Queens than he bargained for and that were actually selling so he sent me a colony (November 24th, 2017) along with my C. Barbaricus as a gift.

After some back and forth debating whether to keep her or not (Thanks again Serafine), I decided I would keep her. It'll be nice to have a smaller species that grows quickly and requires less space. When I received her she had no brood but about 15 nanitics so it was a nice start. Hibernation went well with the occasional drop of honey. The wellness soon ended which brings me to today.

About 2 months ago I ordered a founding nest module from Ants Russia purposefully for my C. Barbaricus colony but upon receiving it I realized it was way too small to accommodate them even at the founding stage, but it was perfect for my Lasius Colony. I went on to debate transferring them out of the test tube then but ultimately came to the conclusion of letting them stay in their test tube until they needed to be moved. BIG MISTAKE.

The tube ran out of water... Of course, as water evaporates the tube slowly shriveled dry. I tried to accommodate them by keeping the ending cotton ball or a small piece of cotton ball wet but nothing I tried worked. Planning on just dumping them into the founding module (their testube was too big to place them into the out world and too small to connect via tubing) so I was just going to dump and recover :x. But yesterday... I woke up to all the ants dead well except the queen... She even moved to the opposite side of the tube, closest to the entrance cotton ball and left the brood and everything.

So I, of course, panicked, looking back I understand 1. They either were dehydrated or 2. Cycled out because they were over almost 8 months old and her first workers. But I quickly plopped her into the outworld of the founding module I'll insert a picture for better context. I even used a q-tip to move her brood softly and safely... Surprisingly she was calmer than I thought and just did one lap around the arena frantically then stopped. I left her In the dark for a few hours and she moved right into the test tube and even moved some of her brood I'm guessing the rest are dead... I'm thinking about placing some reptisand In the out world I don't know if they do good in that substrate but ill see... Im also going to do some more research about their needs because I'm honestly unprepared. I also have a heating cable that Im going to be putting on one side and maybe buying a culture of wingless fruit flies to use as a protein feeder. I also breed dubias so ill use some really small nymphs for them and my campos and my beardie.

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Theres the Incubator Model! It's small, simple, inconspicuous, and accommodating.. It could be a little taller but I'm not complaining for the price, it took a few weeks to arrive though.

Let the lasius journey begin!

Javian, Signing Off...
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