Discussion relating to ants kept in different types of mediums, soil, sand etc.
By byron.gr
In have read that messor ant can eat through ytong eslecialy if the are running out of space.
If i make chambers (quite close ti each other) but not connect them with paths will it become a self expanding nest by letting the ants to eat through?

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By Leafcutter
There is the potential risk, however in my experience they don’t chew it if there’s enough space.
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By Cyrus01
I have had my messors barbarus expand their own nest, but that wasn’t the plan. During the morning check I noticed half the colony wasn’t in the nest. picked up the nest for a close look to find they had tunnelled though the ytong into the humidity chamber at the base.
The majority of the colony had moved in with all their brood. I have since moved them to a much larger ytong nest.

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