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Ok so i fell in love with ants back when i was about 9 after visiting a zoo which housed a large leaf cutter colony i saw the queen being moved on the surface and i just wanted to own a colony of my own, After that i kept ants for 4 and a half years ive kept simple ants like Lasius and Messor species all the way up to Ghost ants and Solenopsis geminata, But in the summer of 2017 i went on holiday with my step dad for 2 weeks and unforunatly my mum freaked out after my solenopsis colony made a hole in there setup leading to around 50 of them on my desk my mum took all my colonies into our spare outside room which is super hot and it dried all my colonies out which led to all my colonies dying. After that i had enough all the bullying didnt help either my older brother told his mates and they started taking the piss out of me on facebook and in person not only my brothers mates but people in my school started to take the piss out of me girls found out and people thought i was a weirdo because i had a hobby which wasnt football or drugs like most people around me now im 16 and my intrest for ants sparked again unfortunatly now i have pretty bad anxiety which makes it unable for me to talk to my mum about this or anyone i just want some help from other people who have gone through this and maybe learn something new, Thanks!
i have also taken breaks from ant keeping. not for 4 and half years but i have taken brakes for 1 year. my advise is to just talk to your mum about it.I know its hard but try dont get anything fancy just a lasius flavius or niger queen and start the whole process again and watch the queen give birth to a colony of hundreds. It is so exciting after not seeing a queen in a long time.But for me i have quit ant keeping for good now. i watch vidoes but there are just lasius nigers in my area so it becomes boring after a while. and my mum wont let me buy any tropical ants becasue they cost to much and they are expensive to mantain.
If you just want some super relaxed ants that won't make any problems get these:
https://www.reddit.com/r/antkeeping/wik ... _nylanderi

p.s. This forum is dead. If you need any advice or just want to talk about ants you should visit the Ants&Antkeeping Discord (it has over 1500 members) here: https://discordapp.com/invite/qrAqPAQ or the forums of Formiculture here: http://www.Formiculture.com.

You may als find this useful: https://www.reddit.com/r/antkeeping/wiki/index.
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